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Delsbergerallee 1

4053 Basel


+41 (0)79 382 71 96



In 2014 the co-work between the two artists Agnes Skipper (Danish painter) & Joachim B. Thönen (Swiss musician) began. They both needed a space to combine different kinds of art in a free environment and the idea of Numas Igra immerged.

In 2016 they started their gallery in southern France.  In February 2018 Numas Igras’ Spektakel Atelier opened in Basel (Switzerland).

Numas Igra is a space where artists of any kind exhibit. It’s a creative workshop where everyone can share ideas, be part of happenings, exhibitions, concerts, poetry-slam...

A place where the only limit is your imagination!


Turn & face the strange!

We invite you to be a part of it.